Hi! I’m Will Soer, 
this is my blog about out of body pop, 
and the people behind it 
Jenny Alien, Rose Harding, Girl Gruel, & Megalash @ Avalon Cafe
(event review, 1,909 words)
Chloé Robinson & Four Tet @ Brixton Academy
(event review, 2,191 words)
Anzola's lo-fi groove, from Caracas to Toronto
(interview written by Elina Ganatra, co-ordinated by me, 2,242 words)
Waterworks Festival @ Gunnersby Park
(event review, 2,681 words)
Lorde's Private Space
(editorial, 1,745 words)
Labyrinth Open Air Opening @ Tofte Manor
(event review, 2,804 words)
Credit and concern: reflections on non-male DJs
(editorial, 1,275 words)
Jayda G @ Phonox, London - 22/07/21
(event review, 902 words)
An Open Letter to the DJs that hover in the distance
(soul rant, 585 words)
Jossy Mitsu's Planet J
(mood board & interview, 1,507 words)
Evilbaby's Selt-titled EP
(mood board & interview, 1,869 words)
Dr. Pudding
(interview, 2,029 words)
Nana the Sunday Jammer
(interview, 2489 words)
Phoebe Bridgers' Punisher
(album review, 1363 words)
My Rhythm, Bass and Emo Blues Daytrip
(annotated playlist, 1166 words)
Ciel, CCL & D.Tiffany's Planet Euphorique
(event review, 881 words)
Maya Jane Coles' Nocturnal Sunshine
(very rare interview, 2040 words)
Tyler the Creator's Queer Punk 
(event review, 1493 words)
Ruthanne's Understanding of Pop
(interview, 2283 words)
Josey Rebelle's Peerless Residency 
(event review, 602 words)
Still Woozy's Sweet Wooze 
(event review, 968 words)
Speakman Sound's Intuition
(interview, 1954 words)
Ady Suleiman's Freedom 
(two interviews one year apart, 3110 words) 
Taylor Bennett's Bisexual Doorkick
(interview, 1683 words)
Volruptus, a Space Alien from Reykjavík
(interview, 1949 words)
DSC_0572 (1).jpg
Don Sinini's Human Quality 
(don's first ever interview, 1340 words)
My Hero Marina 
(editorial, 838 words)
Nilüfer Yanya's Backed Up Balance 
(live review, 1224 words)
Kelela's Skull Soundtrack
(editorial, 882 words)
Luca Musto's Personal Parable
(interview, 1208 words)
What I Thought Dance Music Meant After 3 Months of Thesis-Research 
(editorial, 988 words)
Leon Vynehall's Road-Shift Record
(album review, 785 words)
Room 4 Resistance  
(event review, 564 words)
 Funkhaus Flash Review
(event flash-review, 301 words)

Brian Eno's Surrender Sonata
(event review, 780 words)
Moses Sumney's Wee Small Hours
(stray thought, 312 words)
Spike Jonze and Maribou State's Tech-friendly Escape
(structured daydream, 908 words)
Colin Benders vs The Modular Gang;
The ups and downs of Synthesisor Gigs 
(editorial based on live reviews, 704 words)
Shanti Celeste's Genius Glow
(discography review, 864 words)
Nabihah Iqbal's Rock Resculpture 
(album review, 814 words)
Liminal State Dance Records
(annotated playlist, 738 words)
Special Request's Warehouse Apocalypse
(artist introduction, 600 words)