Deep Cuts

Deep Cuts is a new kind of music journalism feature that I have developed for Loose Lips, an attempt to loosen things up (sorry) in music journalism, and share the diverse ways we experience music.

Each article’s writers share music along a single theme and prompt question. Each article comes with original artwork and a mix, combining music from each of the article’s writers.

Contributors write about music they really like, in whatever voice feels right. You can describe your experiences with or around the music, transcribe a discussion about it, write (or rewrite) the music’s story, share a quote or two that says what you want to say, whatever you want. Each article comes with a mix combining tracks from each of its submissions, along with a playlist and an original artwork.

Here are links to the articles (just click on the title) that we have published, in chronological order along with their artworks (courtesy of Trav). I also organised a socially distanced deep cuts event in September with themed DJ sets and live art responses which you can read about/listen to here.

Head Space

City Hues

Old School

Wordless Tone

Fantasy Realm

Blind Sided

Bitter Sweet


dead inside But Its Ok

Euphoric Apocalyptica

Double Sustenance

Winter Breeze


Stand Up

Faith in Ecstasy

xxx All of the themes below are open for submissions, please email me at if you would like to be involved! Feel free to suggest your own theme!

“When does music sound hopeful?”

They Said

“What music challenged and changed your preconceptions about people?”

Organic Computers

“When does synthetic sound come alive? When do live performances sound like synths from the future?”

Distant Rumbles

“What music makes you feel comforted without forgetting the harder realities of life”

Midnight Loose

“When has music explored new areas of the night with you?”

No One Gets It (but you)

“When has music communicated a mood perfectly, communicated it like nothing else has before?”


“What music pulls its surroundings down into emotional depths”


“What music sounds like communal warmth” Liminal Hours “What music floats on the edge of sleep (or sleep deprivation)?”

Hand Made

“What music feels home spun and earthy?”