In the last months of 2017, I created a 32-page magazine named Palms, Beats + Sneaky Petes, based in my experiences shooting clubnights in Edinburgh by night and writing a thesis on dance music by day. I printed 125 glossy a4 copies, some of which have been sold in shops such as Rye Wax, Rosa Wolf and Rough Trade East (which placed it in their ‘Rough Trade Essentials’ aisle).

I was recommended to sell them for a bit more by some stores, but I wanted my friends (and young people in general) to be able to afford it, so you can buy them for £5 here, including shipping (unless you’re outside the uk, in which case please email If you’re not quite sure if it’s your thing, here‘s an excerpt, and there are some photo examples below. If you’re feeling ready, take a deep breath and hit that buy button!

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